6 Lessons That We've Learned About Leadership From Traveling

Ah, the joys of travel. For many, it's a love/hate relationship. Below are 6 lessons that we've learned about leadership from traveling. 

1) It gets crowed... embrace it.
If you work in ministry, odds are, you're not flying first class any time soon. For avid coach flyers, you know that the back of the plane tends to get a pretty crowded. Airlines like to pack 3 people per row with minimal room. You'll probably brush up with your neighbor or awkwardly touch their leg when adjusting your seatbelt. Leadership is the same way. It's crowded, it's uncomfortable, and it can get awkward. Learn to embrace this! Grow closer to your neighbor, smile through the awkward times, and know that you'll get some space soon. 

2) You can't run with baggage.
You know that airport hustle when someone is running to catch their flight, but they have a massive bag dragging behind them? It just flat out doesn't work. Like running through the airport, you can't run your leadership race with baggage. Are you clinging on to past hurts or hang ups? God doesn't call you carry that baggage! Check it in to Him so you can run your race with strength and endurance. 

3) Procrastination costs more in the long run. 
When you try to book a last minute plane ticket, it always costs way more than if you would have just purchased it 4 months ago like you planned. If you wait to eat until before you get to the airport, get ready to pay the price. When leading, take care of what you need to do. Don't put things off in hopes that they will just go away, because the truth is that they will probably end up costing more. 

4) Enjoy the trip.
Go, go, go. As humans, it seems like we're naturally inclined to try to get where we're going as quickly as possible. We get so caught up in how long the trip takes, that we forget to actually enjoy it. Just as there is beauty in travel, there's beauty in the leadership process. Slow down and enjoy the trip. 

5) Say yes to the snack.
Pretty much every airline offers an inflight beverage and snack service. It's nice little way that they keep us comfortable while we're elbow-to-elbow with strangers. Pro tip: just say yes to the snack. Treat yourself every once in a while. It's not going to kill you and those little cookies or peanuts are actually pretty good. When leading, don't forget to treat yourself and say yes to fun opportunities every now and then. 

6) Plans change... be flexible. 
The best part of a trip is when you miss your connecting flight and have to stay the night in a random hotel in a city you've never been to, said no one ever. Traveling is stressful! Many elements of the trip are beyond your control. Don't stress out, be flexible. In leadership, things will change. You'll want to try to and hold to these things forever, but instead, you need to adapt and be flexible. The best leaders are those that are flexible and can adapt to any situation.

7) Bonus tip: Phoenix, AZ is sunny all year round. 
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