Leadership & Relationship

Leadership is about relationship. In order to lead well, you must love well and have healthy relationships with your followers and your circle of influence. In the church, we have the tendency to want to grow our church by using our people. This is just not the right way to think.

Don't use people to build the church, use the church to build people. 

Here are a couple traits that a leader must have to to have healthy relationships with their followers and to grow people. 

  1.  A leader should be copyable
    • Jesus had 12 disciples. They learned how to lead by watching Jesus lead. 
    • Some things are taught, and some things are caught.
    • If you're going to do something and be successful, someone should be following you. They should be able to walk where you walk and do what you do.
    • A leader should be like a stencil: always making copies of themselves. However, the ultimate stencil is Jesus. 
  2. A leader should be readable
    • Leaders should always have something mysterious about them.
    • A church wants to look at a leader that has a little something they can't quite figure out. 
    • A leader is always learning because people want to leaner from a leader who knows something they don't know.
    • A leader should always be in the Word.
  3. A leader should be independent
    • Leaders cannot spend an excessive amount of time with followers
    • They must spend time alone to learn, grow, explore, think, & meditate
    • People want to know that you've heard from God since the last time you spoke to them
    • Spend a lot of time away from people and a lot of time with God
    • A leader is a creator, not a reactor
  4. A leader must be relatable
    • leader must be able to relate to the follower and vice-vers
    • If people can't relate to you, they can't follow you.