"Me Too"

How often do you hear a something and think to yourself, “me too”? Probably a lot. As humans, we have this disposition for community and a sense of belonging. That’s why it’s so easy for us to say “me too.” We crave this feeling of being able to relate to another person. It shows us that we aren’t alone and that other people are going through the same things we are. 

This is why we love good stories. They make us say, “me too.”

The same goes for bringing people to know Christ. One of the most common questions that church members ask is “how do I introduce someone to Jesus?” It’s a very valid question and a moment that can be very intimidating. As church leaders, we teach that we need to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19), but how can we take that a step further and actually equip our church body to make disciples? For starters, we can teach them to tell their story. How did they come to know Christ? How were they broken? When they tell their story, it gives others a chance to say, “me too.” This “me too” is what allows us to connect with one another and show what Jesus has done in our lives. 

This week, we challenge you to do two things. 1) Tell your story. Write it down or share it with a friend who doesn’t know Jesus. 2) Listen to someone else’s story. Find a chance to meet up with someone whose story you haven’t heard. Ask them questions and try and get to the point where you can say “me too."