20 Practical Ways to Love Your Volunteers

We’ve said it before: volunteers are the heartbeat of any ministry. As leaders, we aren’t called to bear the weight of doing it all, nor should we. Volunteers can help advance the mission of your church or ministry. Sure, it’s import to grow your volunteers, but part of that growth process means loving and appreciating your volunteers. Here are some practical ways that you can love your volunteers. 

  1. Take them to coffee
  2. Give them a day/service off
  3. Send them an appreciation text or note
  4. Publicly recognize them in front of your church or team
  5. Buy them dinner (a pizza goes a long way)
  6. Pray for them
  7. Invest in their spiritual life
  8. Take them coffee… again
  9. Give them positions of leadership on your team
  10. Tell them you love and appreciate them
  11. Frequently encourage them
  12. Hold a volunteer breakfast
  13. Honor their time (i.e. show up on time and end on time)
  14. Genuinely care about their personal life
  15. Allow volunteers to have their voice heard
  16. Buy them coffee
  17. Take your team to fun activities (e.g. laser tag, escape rooms, etc)
  18. Value their spouses and children
  19. Create fun awards (e.g. “Best Greeter named James”)
  20. Last but not least, a great way love your volunteers is to provide free coffee