The Law of Great Expectation

What is faith? Seems like a pretty simple question, but if you asked 10 different people, you'd likely get 10 different responses. To us, faith is an attitude of great expectation - we tend to get what we expect out of life, and that expectation influences every part of our life. In Matthew 9:29, Jesus healed blind men by touching their eyes and saying, "because of your faith, it will happen." The men had great expectation that Jesus would heal them. 

What are you expecting out of your life? What are you expecting out of your ministry?

Think back to the story of David and Goliath (found in 1 Samuel 17). David had great expectation that he would defeat the giant. He had everything working against him, but still, his perspective was that the giant was too big to miss. 

Here are three things that great expectation does:

1) Great expectation honors God

  • Just showing up doesn't honor God
  • God loves it when He hears about what He can do for your ministry
  • Without faith, it is impossible to please God

2) Great expectation is going to increase your ability

  • Athletes are expected to win
  • Certain athletes shine under pressure while others crumble. You must expect to win
  • When you think you can win, you win

3) Great expectations will encourage the people you lead

  • Optimism, enthusiasm and faith are contagious
  • If you have a great expectation the team around you will rise up to it

What are your great expectations for your ministry?