Misplaced Passion

Sometimes, we can put our passions into things that don't really matter in life. We must be careful to give our passions/energies to things that matter in the long term. God call us to protect our heart (Proverbs 4:23), and that also includes protecting our passions! 

Be careful to pour your passions into the right things.
Be careful to fill your heart and mind with the right things.
Be careful to fill your heart with things that inspire you and others. 

But what happens when we find that we don't have that same passion for the Church or the things of God that we once did? Maybe we aren't spending enough time with God or in His word (that stings a bit). As leaders, we must make sure that we are filling ourselves with the things of God so that we can pour into those around us. Followers will take cues from you, and as soon as the passion leaves your eyes, it's game over. Make sure you filling yourselves with the things of God.

If you find yourself with misplaced passion, just ask and God will restore those passions to you! He will give you a renewed hope and refresh you with His promises.