How to Have a Great Name

Each week, our Dream City staff team gathers on Tuesday mornings for staff meetings. This is a time to celebrate all that God is doing at and through our church, to get info about big upcoming events, and to get a leadership message from our senior pastor, Luke Barnett. Here is what Pastor Luke shared on "How to Have a Great Name."


We all want to be remembered for something. When we leave this earth, we want to be known for the legacy that we left behind in our families, communities, and in our world. How can we do that? Here are four ways to leave a legacy and to have a great name:

1) Always speak with integrity. 

Speaking with integrity means always telling the truth, keeping your word, and doing what you say you will do. The best way to know if you are speaking and living with integrity is when the people who know you the best, respect you the most. 

2) Serve with intensity. 

10 years from now, we will probably never remember who the NBA MPV is, we will probably never remember our favorite Sunday sermon... but we will remember those who have served us well. Whether it's a teacher, a parent, a friend, or a co-worker, those who serve well leave a lasting impact on us. 

3) Give with generosity. 

When we lead a life of generosity, not only do we bless others, we make room for God to bless us and fill us. The more you're spilled, the more you're filled. Whether it's finances, time, energy, or talents, God calls us to be generous with what He has given to us. 

4) Succeed with humility.

If you are doing all three of the things above, you will experience success in your life. When we succeed, it's important to be clothed with humility. When a whale comes to the surface to blow, that's when he gets harpooned. Don't be the whale. 

How can you live out these four things this week?