Resources for Growing Volunteers

Once you know who is passionate and committed, there are several ways you can invest in them. Here are some that we suggest:

  • (Best way) Spend time with your leaders, intentionally discipling them toward growing in their leadership abilities and becoming more like Christ.
  • Buy them books. Consider even reading these books together as a team or church staff. We as a Communications Team have thoroughly enjoyed our weekly "Book Club" meeting, in which we have breakfast together as a team before work and discuss different communications, marketing, social media, and ministry strategies.
  • Consider bringing in a consultant to take a look at your operations and give practical advice to grow as a team, and as a church.
  • A great way to invest in several of your leaders (being fed yourself) at the same time is to take a large group to a conference or seminar. Each year, we host a huge and strategically planned conference known as the Dream Conference (previously called Pastors and Leaders School).