Implement Strengths to Radically Change Your Church

Everyone is Excellent at Something 

God is a straight-up giver. He constantly pours out wonderful things to bless His beautiful children. Equally so, when He created every individual on this planet, He placed certain gifts and desires inside of them. He wanted each person to feel special, and to know that they can do certain things better than others. 

Many people spend their entire lives searching for the calling they should pursue. In reality, God made it pretty clear. We are meant to follow the desires and giftings we naturally find ourselves possessing - otherwise a loving and intelligent Creator would not have placed them within us to begin with.  


A thriving and healthy church is one that encourages its people to follow after their passions. 

A Taste of Purpose 

A recent survey revealed that 61% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs. Most of these people – including some who might still be satisfied – do not have a regular opportunity to use their gifts in the workplace. 

That’s right. The God-given, natural talents and desires we mentioned in the last section are many times untapped and unused on the job. Because of this, many people will flock to an opportunity to use their gifts in ministry – if they are given the chance. 

So don’t be upset if not every one of your members wants to set up chairs or work in the nursery. Instead, open up the door for them to volunteer in ways that allow them to implement their passions and gifts. 

The funny thing is, there are certain activities that are nearly addictive (in a good way) to some individuals. Forget convincing them to help – you can hardly keep these people from showing up! 

One of the most crucial components to developing a thriving volunteer base is to strategically match people up with the activities that fit their passions and giftings. 

For instance, some people love to paint, others really enjoy taking care of babies, some possess a passion for music, and others are naturally outgoing and would love to be greeters. Whether someone has a passion for building, acting, teaching, cooking, or a variety of other gifts, the important thing is to unleash people into using their God-given abilities – rather than force them into your own needs. 

Now obviously some parts of ministry are not all glamour. Most people will not have a passion for cleaning up trash after a big church event. That’s okay. Sometimes when we (and our volunteers) serve, it’s not the most enjoyable thing. But this should be the exception and certainly not the norm. 

Ask the members of your team what they thoroughly enjoy doing. You might soon discover that your media director has a heart for teaching and would love to start a class on evangelism. Maybe your assistant has an incredible voice and has wanted to join the worship team, but never spoke up about it.  

Whatever the situation may be, it’s possible that there are hidden talents within your leaders and volunteers that you won’t know about until you specifically ask what they love to do. 

The great thing about encouraging people to use their gifts is that you unleash an army of passionate volunteers all operating in the areas in which they thrive. This is quite powerful. 

So from here on out, always keep this question front and center when helping new people get involved with serving: “What do you love to do?” 

This opens the door for them to put their best foot forward as they serve the church with their strongest giftings. When you implement this concept of “using your strengths,” your teams will have more energy, creativity, passion, drive, expertise, unity, and fun.